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wines alive

Our objective is to produce wines faithful to their land; that show the minerality and expressiveness of the terroir in each harvest.
The wine, when it comes from respect for the land and care in the vineyard, is alive. In the production of our wines, and by extension, of natural wines, a number of factors are involved that we can not control, such as the weather or the amount of natural yeasts present in the grape in each harvest. There is no uniformity in natural wine, this only happens with industrial wines, and not so industrial, through a long work of enology.
It is for this reason that, thanks to the work in the vineyard and a good mass selection, we try to always maintain the essence in all our wines, seeking the expression of the land and the variety, in each harvest.
We harvest manually, the entire vineyard, in small boxes. We only use autochthonous yeasts, those that the skin contains, during fermentations; never selected yeasts. We always work with whole bunches. We do not filter or clarify our wines, to keep them alive longer and avoid organoleptic losses. And, of course, we add absolutely nothing to our wine, whatever the circumstances of the harvest. Just grapes. We think that when additives are added to wine, everything that is intended to be gained in safety is lost to life. Cheers!

-L'Adolescent 2019
-Camí dels contrabandistes 2019
-Les Foes 2019
-Les Casildes 2019
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